Sizzling Kebabs -Traditional

I love to grill. More over, I love to entertain, and in the summer there is nothing better then grilling out with friends and family. Kebabs are so pretty, don’t you think? Bright, colorful and fun to eat! This is a simple recipes for a traditional, no frills Kebab that everyone will love. You can […]

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Sizzling Kebabs – Italian Style

So, I may be going a little Kebab KR-AZY but I can’t help myself! What is better then food on a stick??? Oh, yeah, I know, grilling it up for your friends and family who gobble it all up! These Kebabs are made with just the right amount of summer flavors and Italian flair every […]

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Sizzling Kebabs – Dynamite Shrimp

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 8.49.22 PM

*** AS SEEN ON WMUR COOK’s CORNER *** I can not resist the smell of food grilling in the summer time. And although I like the traditional favors of summer BBQing, there is something to be said about feeding the scenes and your guests with unexpected and fabulous out of the box flavor combinations. These […]

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The Sunshine Sandwich

Sunshine Sandwich 2 copy

I cook very seasonally. Sometimes this drives my husband crazy because I absolutely refuse to make this sandwich in the winter time. With crisp lettuce, fresh herb mayo and grilled chicken this sandwich just tastes like the perfect combination of the summer harvest! Make it with the last crop of your back yard tomatoes and […]

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Red Hot Brownies!

hot pepper brownies

This is one of the most simple uses for our fantastic Hot Pepper Infused Olive Oil. Smokey and sweet it can replace oil or melted butter in any brownie recipe. Don’t forget to serve these with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an unforgettable treat!

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Steamed Artichoke


Steaming an artichoke is one of the simplest and most fantastic things I have ever done in the kitchen! The tender leaves just fall apart and the flesh of the leaves melts in your mouth and your reward for peeling and eating all those luscious leaves…the Heart of the Artichoke. Just thinking about it my […]

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Pasta Fagioli

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 8.56.09 PM

On cold nights there is nothing like a huge pot of hot soup to fill you up body and soul. My mom used to make this one all the time because it was easy and filling and only takes 20 minutes start to finish. It has become a favorite weeknight meal and better yet it […]

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There is nothing quite like a big bowl of pasta with bolognese (Meat) sauce…Easy, delicious and the quintessential comfort food for this kitchen Witch. When I was little I can remember making a very “kid friendly” version of this dish…My mom would leave for night school and I was in charge of making dinner to […]

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