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Dawn Aurora Hunt


Cucina Aurora was founded in New York by owner and CEO, Dawn Aurora Hunt. Having a long-standing love for cooking, a passion for good food, and joy for gathering friends around the dinner table, Dawn “the Kitchen Witch” started Cucina Aurora in 2008. Her purpose is to bring families and friends together around simple, naturally delicious, and good for you foods. Cucina Aurora’s products are centered on home, family, and the nurturing of those things.

With the simple understanding that Love and good intentions are the most important ingredients in any meal, Dawn speaks at events all along the East Coast and teaches people that good, healthy, and even Gluten Free food can be easy to make and wonderful to eat. Using 100% virgin olive oil imported from Italy for the Herb Infused Oils, only the finest natural and organic herbs for the dip mixes, and wholesome ingredients like organic evaporated cane juice in all the cookie mixes, Cucina Aurora has become synonymous with outstanding quality and scrumptious foods.

Dawn’s latest book, A Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Love and Romance, is now available from Simon & Schuster! She is also the author of Tastes of the Temple, released in December 2011 from Copper Cauldron Publishing. Dawn can be found frequently on WMUR-TV’s Cook’s Corner segment, on her YouTube channel, and in her kitchen, practicing her own unique, magical brand of Kitchen Witchery.

"We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty."